Announcing the 2023 National PM Pricing Report

Pricing is the fastest way to improve profitability in your business. Period.

You know you need to improve your Revenue Per Unit. But how? There’s a lot of services you can provide and a lot of fees you can charge. But which convey the most value and will drive the most value for you? What are other PMs charging for, and how much are they charging?


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What will be included in the pricing report?

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Only contributors will have free access to the results of the 2023 National PM Pricing Report.

Your data will be kept strictly confidential, and will not be shared with any 3rd parties.

All you’ll need to do to contribute to the 2023 National PM Pricing Report (and receive the report for free), is complete the 15 minute Pricing Survey. That’s it!

We are conducting a national pricing comparison report based on aggregated data across many companies and markets.

However, it is likely in violation of federal or state antitrust laws for there to be understandings or agreements among property manager on competitive topics such as:

  • Prices and fees that property managers charge;
  • Services or packages of services that property managers provide

Property managers must make individual company-by-company decisions in all of these areas and must not have understandings or agreements with other property management companies about these topics.