GameChanger: ProfitCoach 1:1 Scheduling Form

As part of your GameChanger package, you will receive bi-monthly ProfitCoach 1:1s with your Financial Performance Coach. In order for us to best coordinate your availability with your coach’s schedule for your ongoing call schedule, please fill out the following form. You will receive a follow up email from the ProfitCoach team to confirm your future call times.

Please select which days of the week (if any) DO NOT work for you:(Required)
Please select which time of day (if any) DO NOT generally work for you (times listed in US Central Time):(Required)
Please select which week of the month (if any) DOES NOT generally work for you:(Required)
Due to data processing times, clients who have their coaching calls within the first three (3) business days of the month will review the previous month’s data on their coaching call (i.e. a call scheduled on October 1 would be reviewing unit data updated through August). In light of this, do you have a preference to be scheduled after the first three (3) business days of the month?(Required)