ProfitCoach clients are almost 2x more profitable than non-clients

Join our community of top performing PMs today!

ProfitCoach Clients Are Almost 2x More Profitable Than Non-Clients

Join our community of top performing PMs today!

MAXMIZE PROFITABILITY WITH The Only Community-Driven Finance Platform in PM

PMs don’t generally read financial statements for fun. In fact, many struggle to get any value whatsoever from them because traditional financial statements are disconnected from day-to-day operations and the performance of the broader PM community. 

The ProfitCoach Community-Driven Platform reconnects finance to the dynamics of your day-to-day PM operations and to the broader performance of the industry so that the best practices of top performers can be utilized by you.

Enjoy the very best of community-based benchmarking, scoring, best practice sharing, camaraderie, and accountability in our community and #BeatTheBenchmark!

Success Stories from Our Clients

Join the community of top performing PMs to boost your own financial performance and help create more PM success stories like these:


With the new ProfitScore™ platform, you can tap into the gold mine of financial insights that lie in your data, without tedious spreadsheeting. We do the time-consuming work of merging your operational unit data and profit & loss data, so you can monitor financial performance on a per unit basis and then compare your performance to industry standard benchmarks.

Gameplan your year to hit your financial targets with the proven and effective ProfitPlan™! Save hours of planning time by utilizing the forecasting model and accountability methods designed for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs. A goal without a plan is just a wish – put your goals into action and easily review and recalibrate through the year with ProfitPlan™.

With content tailored to the multifaceted needs of PM entrepreneurs, ProfitTalk™ is a client-exclusive monthly webcast, with a unique topic focus each month. Both industry expert interviews and roundtable discussion forums are utilized to highlight best practice knowledge that ties back to your bottom line.

Collaboration and accountability are key elements to staying competitive. The ProfitPeers at ProfitCoach enable clients to connect virtually in lightly facilitated small groups with PM entrepreneurs in the same profit range. Community and competition can coexist as thinking tools and open forums create impactful mastermind sessions where best practices are freely shared and everyone’s performance improves.

ProfitCoach 1:1 coaching and advising calls provide the financial interpretation and coaching you need to:

  • Understand your company’s true financial picture
  • Define your endgame and the metrics/ financial levers that will allow you to achieve your goals
  • Consistently track progress, and remain accountable to your goals

Chart of Accounts Conversion w/ 2-Year Historical

Reclassification ProfitCoach Comprehensive Financial Performance Report – This report provides a deep-dive analysis of your financial performance in over 30 financial KPIs and compares your performance to key industry financial benchmarks.

ProfitCoach $50,000 Deep Dive Call – This 75-minute session highlights your financial performance strengths and our improvement recommendations. We conclude with building out a one-year financial forecast to quantify the impact of these recommendations.

Detailed Conversion Mapping Report – This report details how your old chart of accounts was mapped to the NARPM® Chart of Accounts and all reclassifications that were made.

Success Packages

Must be on the NARPM Standard Chart of Accounts to enroll.

Contact us to learn more how to convert to the NARPM Standard Chart of Accounts.

Game Changer

$ 995 Monthly
  • ProfitScore
  • ProfitPlan
  • ProfitCoach 1:1
  • ProfitPeers
  • ProfitTalk Webcast


$ 495 Monthly
  • ProfitScore
  • ProfitPlan
  • ProfitPeers
  • ProfitTalk Webcast
  • Optional Add-On: 1:1 Deep Dive Review & Annual Profit Plan Session ($995)

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