Maximize your freedom and profits

with our Financial Performance Coaching Program.

Financial Performance Coaching Program

With the ProfitCoach Financial Performance Coaching program, you can move from guesswork decision-making down a clearly defined path toward dramatically improved profitability. We combine real-time financial analytics and benchmarks (ProfitCoach Dash) with industry leading financial guidance to give you the insight needed to take your business to the next level following our 3-step process:
  • Financial Audit: We leave no stone unturned as we dive deep into the current state of your business.
  • Define Your Target: Using our PM financial forecasting model, we help you define your goals, and create an actionable financial plan to achieving those goals
  • Stay on Track: One-on-one coaching calls, group masterminding, and our best-in-industry financial dashboard provide the ongoing guidance to stay on track.


  • ProfitCoach Dash
  • One-on-one Financial Performance Coaching Calls (every other month)
  • Real-Time Financial Forecasting
  • Deep-Dive Mastermind Calls (monthly)

$895/mo + 1-time $1,500 setup fee