Finally, get access to real-time financial insights to dramatically improve profitability… with one click.

With ProfitCoach Dash, you can tap into the gold mine of financial insights that lie in your data, without tedious spreadsheeting. We do the time-consuming work of merging your operational unit data and profit & loss data, so you can monitor financial performance on a per unit basis and then compare your performance to industry standard benchmarks.

Are you ready to eliminate guesswork and make informed decisions that boost your bottom line?


  • Real-time sync w/ popular corporate accounting softwares:
  • Hands-free monthly unit data updates from:
  • Comparison to industry standard benchmarks
  • Over 30 key performance indicators, including:

• Revenue Per Unit
• Profit Per Unit
• Annual Unit Revenue
• Unit Acquisition Cost
• Unit Lifetime Revenue
• Unit Lifetime Profit

• Unit Lifetime
• Unit Churn
• Direct Labor Efficiency Ratio
• Management Labor Efficiency Ratio
• Expenses as a % of Revenue
• Profitability

Dash Pricing




  • ProfitCoach Dash
  • ProfitCoach Forecast Model (w/ Monthly Actuals Updates)
  • Monthly Group Profit Coaching

*ProfitCoach Dash subscription must be paid annually. Additional setup fees may apply.