“When I first signed up with these guys, I used the word “PAIN” about five times to describe my past experience with trust accounting. It took me way too much time, and even after all the effort, there were too many mistakes for our owners. And then I had to spend more time trying to fix them! Now with ProfitCoach handing our trust accounting, my confidence has gone way up because not only are we staying on top of our accounting, we’re also providing a much better experience to our owners. ProfitCoach is a premium service…and I’m getting premium results.”

Rodney FentressOwner, Keyrenter Hampton Roads

I was a bit nervous that the conversion would be a long process, getting in the way of the business, and that once the technical conversion was done, I’d be on my own trying to make sense of the new COA and how to use it. ProfitCoach had my conversion done efficiently, complete with a mapping report to help me get up and running painlessly on the new system. Plus they got on a call with me and walked me through how my business was performing and what steps I could take to make drastic improvements. I walked away from the Financial Performance Review with a Profitability Roadmap, that I’m TRULY excited about.

Patrick JuvePresident/Broker - Neighborhood Realty & PM

Thanks, Daniel and Gregory, for a painless conversion to the NAS! I’ve already gained actionable insights by being able to see where we measure up to the industry, especially on a few key benchmarks, and now we have a clear roadmap for getting to top profitability. I’ve never had a better picture of our financial performance, and I’m really excited about where we can go from here! Using ProfitCoach for both the conversion and their fantastic analysis is a no brainer.

Todd OrtscheidBroker/Owner - GTL Real Estate

Changing to a new COA is a significant decision, but thanks to ProfitCoach, the whole experience was seamless. We gave them the information and they handed me back my books, completely aligned with the new COA. The merge map they provide has been invaluable in our transition to using the new system. We didn’t have to invest our own time in the process, beyond answering some questions, and now we’re up and running with the industry standard COA! Would definitely recommend using ProfitCoach to handle the conversion. Their full conversion package with financial analysis is a GREAT value.

Pete NeubigOwner - Empire Industries LLC

”I just can’t say enough about what Daniel Craig, Jordan Muela, and ProfitCoach has meant to me. I am in such a much better place in terms of my happiness, being stress-free and our financial profitability because of all ProfitCoach has done. I am so glad I was one of the first people to take advantage of ProfitCoach when you rolled it out at PM Grow in 2018. As soon as I heard your presentation I thought, “Wonderful… at last”

Shirley JohnsonOwner & Founder, 3G Properties Group

”I set a goal to understand my numbers and be able to make decisions based on them, and thanks to ProfitCoach, I feel like I’m finally there. I was able to build a plan for healthy and sustainable growth, and I now have a strong framework to operate within. It certainly reduces anxiety and increases the joy I have doing this work.”

Brandon ScholtenOwner, Keyrenter Property Management, Denver

Before working with these guys, I was tracking things but I knew I wasn’t using my data to anywhere near its full potential. Now I’ve got a dashboard and forecast that allows me to monitor and make smart financial decisions. I understand my numbers and my business, It has been a game changer for me.


Working with Profit Coach was a huge leap forward in getting clarity on where I was at relative to my growth goals. Working with them to mine my data is surfacing opportunities that were right in front of my face but I just couldn’t see before.