We’re excited to assist you with converting to the NARPM Accounting Standard Chart of Accounts. Below are next steps:

Next Steps

  1. Review the conversion process below.
  2. Complete the NAS Conversion Documentation Form below.
  3. Schedule your initial conversion review call after completing the NAS Conversion Documentation Form.
  4. Review the Scope of Services included in the original signup form.

Conversion Process

  • Upon completion/delivery of the NAS Conversion Documentation form below, you will be given a link where you need to schedule your initial conversion review call. NOTE: the more quickly you complete this form and schedule your call, the better chance you have of getting your choice of conversion dates.
  • The conversion process will be completed two weeks from your initial review call.
  • We will need 10 calendar days of silence — no activity in the corporate accounting books — in order to complete a seamless conversion. NOTE: this silence period begins 1 business day before your review call so that we can prep your information for the call.
  • Changes made in the books during the specified silence time-frame voids the two-week conversion timeline.
  • Please email convert@pmprofitcoach.com with any questions about this process.